Wireless Cameras Used in Illegal Dumping

Wireless Cameras Used in Illegal Dumping

Wireless cameras should be used in illegal dumping.

Municipalities experience large sites of illegal dumping that prove to be a challenge.  Most sites are in remote areas that constantly change.  Keeping up with the sites can be difficult and costly.  Ignoring illegal dumping is not an option.  Illegal dumping sites pollute the soil, air, and water resources, making them toxic to the environment and generating a health hazard to both animals and people.

Even though some industries have eliminated the Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS), also known as forever chemicals,  in their products, PFAS are still present in many supplies and ending up in the illegal dump sites.  PFAS chemicals entering into our soil, air, and water, eventually end up in our bodies, causing all kinds of illness. According to Clean Water Fund, these forever chemicals are linked to cancer, high cholesterol, and birth defects.

This is why it is essential to stop illegal dumping.

Communities across the nation are fighting this never-ending battle to clean up these unauthorized dumping grounds. The challenges are remote areas that are difficult to secure and tend to move around.

Successful Illegal Dumping Programs must include Wireless Cameras specifically designed to capture license plates in complete darkness and identify images as small as a tattoo on an arm.  Traditional surveillance cannot provide this.  It is also important that the prosecution can prove to the court that there was no possibility of tampering with the images. Therefore, the camera system used must be vandal and theft resistant, and most importantly prove that the system is secure from hacking.  Hackers can easily access traditional surveillance cameras that are in the network.

Here are the requirements of an Illegal Dumping Wireless Camera:

  • Capture license plates in complete darkness
  • Provide identifying images like a tattoo with high resolution
  • Vandal and Theft Resistant
  • Secure from hacking
  • Require no internet connection
  • Require no electricity
  • Easy to move around

To cover large areas that are constantly changing, municipalities must be equipped with Wireless Cameras, specifically designed for Illegal Dumping.