Wireless Cameras for Park Vandalism

Wireless Cameras for park vandalism are great assets to the Park Vandalism Program.

Parks have remote areas that are targets to vandalism, such as playground equipment, bathrooms, and pavilions.  Connecting electricity and internet cable to these remote areas can be daunting and costly.  Just electricity alone can cost between $5,000-12,500 for 500 feet of new electrical lines.

The traditional surveillance set up requires electricity and cable for internet connection.  There are some wireless cameras that provide some access through Wifi, but there is still a wire requirement that is physically wired to a network.   There are also a few trail-like cameras that provide remote access through solar power. However,  none of these cameras provide images with good resolution  to identify the perpetrators and they are easy to tamper with, which makes them not useful in a court of law. Images of good quality and tamper proof are needed to prosecute in a court of law.  Most video footage is not able to provide this.

Most importantly, the above-mentioned types of cameras do not deter unwanted activity.  The best scenario in park vandalism is to stop the behavior before it happens, which means the cost to repair any damage has disappeared.  If a park has visible damage in bathrooms, playground equipment, and pavilions, the park will become the target of more serious crimes.  The park will become less visited and infiltrated by gangs and drugs, or worse.

There is a camera system that is specially designed to deter and capture prosecutable  images such as a small tattoo on an arm.  This camera system requires no electricity or internet connection and is vandal resistant.

A successful Park Vandalism Program should be proactive, keeping the facilities and equipment safe and pleasing to the eye, free from damage, graffiti, and litter.  Never allow your park to feel neglected.

Make sure you add to your Park Vandalism Program specifically designed wireless cameras for park vandalism.