Illegal dumping

Wireless Cameras for Illegal Dumping

Add wireless cameras for illegal dumping, because most unauthorized dump sites are in remote areas.

Illegal dumping occurs in off the beaten path alleys, roadways, and open fields.  The location is chosen with the hopes to not be caught, because the offenders know what they do is wrong.  They may not know that the act is contributing to disease and pollution, but they certainly know it is illegal and unsightly.

The strategies the city or county decide upon are important.  Traditional surveillance, although appealing to network the entire city on one system,  is not the best choice for illegal dumping.  It is too costly to bring wiring and cable, which are both needed for traditional surveillance, to the remote areas chosen for illegal dumping.  In addition, the illegal dump sites are constantly moving around, making traditional surveillance a flop.

Some cities have chosen trail cameras, however the images cannot be used in court, because the cameras were not designed to be tamper proof nor do they provide the images that the court can use as solid evidence. There are also large cumbersome cameras with bulky solar panels that are expensive, hard to move around, and again do not provide solid evidence.

To cover large areas that are constantly changing, municipalities must be equipped with Wireless Cameras, specifically designed for Illegal Dumping.  These wireless cameras provide excellent resolution that have been successful in providing images that stand up in court to convict and recover the cost of illegal dumping through the collection of fines. They are easy to deploy, move around, and are completely self-contained.

Add wireless cameras for illegal dumping in your community.