Buffalo, NY: Creating a haven of beauty and functionality prevents nuisance crimes

Mayor Byron Brown and his Parks and Recreation team have invested substantially in the city’s renowned park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in Buffalo, New York.

Through Brown’s comprehensive parks capital improvement plan, the mayor demonstrated commitment to safety, lower costs, healthy lifestyles and the attraction of new residents.

His plan included upgrades and improvements to existing structures like the playground, pool, park shelter, and the installation of a skate plaza, a new rain garden, and recreational walk way among other things.

“I’m proud of the results….City residents have since experienced increased service and a quicker response to neighborhood parks issues. We also lowered maintenance costs and improved facilities at parks by forging new and creative partnerships with not-for-profit organizations,” Brown said.

These kinds of improvements bring people together and provide healthy ways for youth to engage in activities and sports. Healthy community involvement keeps them away from issues contributing to park vandalism, graffiti, theft, burglary, property crimes, remedial programs or incarceration. Strategically revitalizing parks throughout the city unifies the community, saves money, and makes it safer for everyone.