Newport Beach, CA: FlashCAM Watches Over Ronald Reagan

Suspected metal thieves attempted to steal the bronze Ronald Reagan statue that was installed at the Bonita Canyon Sports Park in Newport Beach, CA in 2011. With the increase of metal theft across the nation, statues such as this one are being targeted by metal thieves, after hours when the outdoor parks are not monitored. Desperate thieves are targeting any source of metal such as children’s swings, copper roofs from churches, and even brass ornaments from cemeteries.

The City of Newport Beach installed the FlashCAM on a pole to help protect the statue and deter any future damage from happening to the monument.

Stop Metal & equipment theft

Protect Metal & Equipment from Theft

The increased overseas demand for “scrap” metal and the decline in the US economy has thieves looking for any piece of metal that can be quickly turned into money. Prevent metal thieves from destroying property or disrupting infrastructure of communities.