Illegal Dumping Solutions During Pandemic

Illegal Dumping Solutions During Pandemic

Used gloves and masks can be seen discarded at grocery store parking lots.  But the worst illegal dumping crimes are committed at parks.  With the stay at home orders throughout the country, some trash pickup and drop off sites have been postponed.  Illegal dumpers are leaving trash in parks and remote areas.  Items left are the usual bulky items of furniture, tires and electronics, which collect water and promote disease of all kinds. This discarded trash is taking up valuable time and resources of the parks and recreation department, who are already stretched due to the COVID-19.

What to do?

Here are tools and resources you and your staff need during this pandemic:

  • Barriers: obstacles placed in a strategic place gives the clear communication that this area is not open to the public
  • Signs: posted signs give the community clear written rules about areas off limits
  • Hot Lines: hot lines involve the community and re-enforce community policing  
  • Social Media: Use social media to make the community aware of the illegal activities occurring in the parks
  • Illegal Dumping Cameras: Illegal dumping cameras are totally portable and are specifically designed to help stop unwanted activity in parks and remote areas

Give your parks and recreation department the right tools to get the job done!

Trash and COVID-19

Trash and COVID-19

COVID 19 is a serious illness that is affecting all people throughout the world.  The contagiousness of the virus is rapid and widespread causing pandemic responses.  With border closures and stricter safety laws comes the closures of many state, county and city parks. 

It is important to continue to venture outside to exercise for optimal health. However, most areas once enjoyed are now closed to the public. With the stay at home order throughout most municipalities, people are getting cabin fever and crossing the boundaries. It might be because they think no one is watching or they do not believe the area should be closed to begin with.

Unfortunately, there is an increase of illegal dumping caused by visitors.  Rangers are exposed to more than usual trash. This is making it harder for our Parks Rangers to keep the parks sanitized and it unnecessarily eposes the Rangers to garbage that might be tainted with the Coronavirus.  Even throughout the stay at home order our Rangers are still hard at work.  People need to be respectful and understand the risk they are causing.  Even after the shelter in place order is lifted people need stop illegal dumping.

 Illegal dumping causes disease and pollution that can enter our water ways.  A nuisance behavior camera is needed to stop illegal dumping and trespassing.

Illegal Dumping- Help!

Illegal Dumping- Help!

Spring is a refreshing time of the year. The grass is green, the sun is shining, and there are nice rainy days that bring freshness to the air. Spring showers are great for the environment, water rejuvenates the earth and makes it look healthier. Spring showers bring a wave of freshness through the air, but unfortunately that’s not the only thing they bring.

Spring showers bring more water, which is a great thing, but not when it mixes with illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is a terrible crime that destroys our environment; it ruins the sense of freshness and turns it into disgust. When it rains and there are illegal dump sites that contain trash, metal, and especially tires, it’s a recipe for disaster.

When piles of trash are dumped and it rains, the trash collects water. Water mixed with trash creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. The water creates a nice dark, pool and is the perfect climate that mosquitoes need to be able to lay and hatch hundreds of eggs. These mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases that can be transmitted to humans, who are bitten and become the host.

Illegal dumping sustains the problem of mosquito diseases being spread in the United States. This problem affects the people of all communities which are being targeted for dumping.

Deter and minimize Illegal dumping in your community:

  • Staff Resources: Every city needs staff that is dedicated and trained in illegal dumping. This includes the authority to educate the public, respond and investigate complaints, and prosecute.
  • Educate: Educate your community about the dangers of illegal dumping and the consequences both environmentally and fines.
  • Provide Hot lines: Hot lines are a very resourceful tool that every city should have available.  When a citizen sees an act of illegal dumping, they can call, text or email information to the Enforcers.
  • Legislation: Every city needs laws to combat illegal dumping
  • Tools to help: Illegal dumping cameras.  These cameras are specifically designed to provide prosecutable evidence needed in the war of illegal dumping.

How to End Illegal Dumping

How to End Illegal Dumping

Throughout the United States, there are tons of trends that are occurring, the latest fashion trend, the newest diet, and so on. One of the more unfortunate trends that is occurring is illegal dumping. Dumping is a disgusting trend that not only threatens the life of our environment but also threatens the lives of the people.

Dumpsites provide a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. When people illegally dump scrap tires, they collect water, which is an ideal mosquito breeding ground. According to Cumberland YES, mosquitoes can breed 100 times faster than normal in the warm and wet environment that illegally dumped tires provide for them. This is a major problem because mosquitoes are one of the deadliest disease-carrying insects out there.

Mosquitoes can carry Malaria, Zika, the West Nile Virus, and so many more deadly diseases.  When illegal dumping takes place, mosquitoes grow in number and spread all different kinds of diseases to people.

How can the problem of illegal dumping and mosquitos stop?

  • Educate:

The people within the community should know more about why illegal dumping is a crime and how it puts them in danger. If the community knows more about how mosquitoes are attracted to illegal dump sites, then hopefully they will want to protect their community.

  • Enforce:

Enforce with  Illegal Dumping Cameras . These cameras catch the dumpers in the act and record license plates even in complete darkness.

Stop illegal dumping!