CONTRA COSTA TIMES: “Illegal Dumping Targeted by New Contra Costa Talking Camera Program”

Contra Costa County, CA launched a pilot FlashCAM illegal dumping program. This pilot program is being funded from stormwater utility fees charged to landowners across Contra Costa County.

Illegal dumping sites begin to create breeding sites for insects and rodents and also contaminates nearby water sources. This FlashCAM program is being spearheaded as an effort to control water pollution caused by the illegal dumping in Contra Costa County. Cece Sellgren, who manages the Contra Costa County watershed program, states no dumping has occurred since installation which is proof of the “tremendous deterrent effect” by the cameras.

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Stop Illegal Dumping

Kepping Streets Clean By Stopping illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping poses a real health and safety hazard, while wasting thousands of dollars on clean-up. Illegal dumping destroys the environment, becomes fire hazards and create breeding grounds for pests that can transmit diseases.

Youngstown, OH: “Dumping, other problems come into full focus”

Illegal dumping has been a growing problem for the city of Youngstown. They launched a FlashCAM program consisting of nine systems installed throughout the city to help catch these illegal dumpers. To their surprise, the images captured on the FlashCAM were more than just illegal dumpers and have caught metal thieves in the act as well.

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Q-STAR TECHNEWS: Summer 2011

Q-StarTech News: SUMMER 2011NEED A PRO-ACTIVE METHOD TO STOP VANDALISM? Deter graffiti? Reduce costs of dealing with illegal trash dumping?

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