Protecting Cemeteries from Vandalism

Protecting Cemeteries from Vandalism

Protecting cemeteries from vandalism is difficult. For some people, visiting and disturbing the cemeteries is considered a non-violent prank for ghostly fun.  Although it is not.  Cemeteries are the resting place for people who are loved, respected, and honored.  It is horrifying to visit the resting place of a loved one only to find out the gravestone was knocked over and suffered graffiti.  The indignation boils over to want justification.

Unfortunately, protecting cemeteries from vandalism particularly in the month of October is especially difficult because cemeteries are notoriously vandalized during the month of October, due to Halloween. Many cemeteries brace for this holiday that can bring destruction.  Extra precautions to protect the resting place from vandalism, graffiti, and malicious acts are necessary.

In addition to malicious pranks, cemeteries sadly are the target of hatred.  Criminal behaviors leave damage targeting the grave site because of someone’s religion, skin color, gender identity, or political identity.  Regardless of the reason, cemeteries should never be the object of vandalism and should be protected for all future generations.

To protect cemeteries, a Cemetery Protection Plan must be implemented.

Although protection can come in many forms.  An effective plan will contact the following:

  • Educating the next generations to respect and honor grave sites as a place of reverence
  • Creating laws with stiff fines and penalties such as restitution
  • Heavier penalties for historic grave sites
  • If possible, control the access to the cemetery with fences
  • Install Vandalism Cemetery Cameras, designed specifically to deter vandalism in cemeteries



Cemetery Vandalism

Coming to the cemetery to celebrate the life of a loved one is an emotional experience.  Imagine the impact of seeing the tombstone vandalized and defiled! The disturbance can cause trauma to the most stable of persons.

Cemeteries should be a place of peace and tranquility. Most people think of cemeteries as sacred land, a quiet place to re-visit memories of loved ones who are no longer physically with us. This should be protected ground where loved ones can be honored.  Unfortunately, not all people respect the sacred ground of those who lived.

There are reports of some people who have desecrated the grave sites by pushing down grave stones, causing them to break.  Some reports show graffiti markings.  According to a news article in the New York Post, cemetery vandalism increased by 306 percent from last year. This is a very sad problem.  This kind of vandalism hurts, which can cause emotional turmoil.

According to the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA), any cemetery can be a target of this deliberate act of vandalism.  The ICCFA says most of these acts of vandalism are caused by youths.  The Ecclesiastical lists cameras, posted signs, perimeter fencing, locked gates, well lit grounds, spot checks and reporting as possible deterrents. Whatever the tactic, it is important to protect the cemetery from hooligans and hate crime vandals.