Illegal Dumping

Tackle Illegal Dumping, Build Community Pride and Commitment

The overwhelming majority of citizens indicate illegal waste dumping is a primary community concern. And with good reason. Illegal dumping sites are not only a blight, a nuisance and costly to clean up, but also present very real health hazards which take various forms.

Rodents and disease-carrying vermin are attracted to dumps, and harmful chemicals and other pollutant substances can affect the air quality and safety of the soil. Runoff containing contaminants can infiltrate nearby water sources that may be used for drinking water. Illegal dump sites are prime locations for attracting further criminal behaviors such as repeat illegal dumping, arson, breaking and entering, theft, graffiti, vandalism, and drug related activities.

When asked on surveys, community residents register strong opinions about illegal dumping. Yet only a fraction of those concerned have ever made a call to report a problem, or been involved in cleanup or illegal dumping prevention efforts themselves. Bringing the community onboard is an important part of any plan to stop illegal dumping. Engagement leads to commitment and once you implement your plan, community involvement offers better staying power to sustain it.