Strategies for Illegal Dumping

Strategies for Illegal Dumping

Every city is looking for new strategies to stop illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping is everywhere and causing our environment to be ill with toxic waste and eroding plastics. Even with the best intentions, cities are fighting a battle that seems endless.  And to make things worse the cost of this battle is astronomical.  Cincinnati alone is spending between 3 to 4 million to combat this fierce problem.

Each city is working hard to budget fighting illegal dumping, but resources are limited.  Strategizing and looking outside the box is essential.  Traditional surveillance will not stop illegal dumping. As most surveillance videos cannot provide the evidence needed to prosecute.  It is important to note the burden of proof lies in the evidence.  And if a defense attorney can lay down a reasonable doubt because there is a chance the evidence is not clear, tainted, or unreliable, then the offender walks away to pollute again.  Unfortunately, traditional surveillance has gaps that make them not clear, a possibility of tampering with, and unreliable.

Therefore, bring the minds to the table and strategize using tools that provide your Illegal Dumping Team with the success it needs.

A Successful Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program will have at its resource Illegal Dumping Enforcement Cameras that are specifically designed for an Illegal Dumping Program.

Strategize and stop illegal dumping!