Deterring Park Vandalism

Strategies – Deterring Park Vandalism


It is important to look at the strategies in deterring park vandalism.

Park Vandalism rears its ugly head in most parks throughout the nation, but it is a problem that should never be ignored.  If park vandalism is ignored, the small nuisance crimes turn into serious violent crimes.  The surrounding community knows if park vandalism is not dealt with immediately, the park becomes unsafe and undesirable.

Even if the smallest vandalism occurs because of youth and the vandalism is not immediately cleaned up and stopped, the vandalism escalates.  When the park vandalism is obvious, the unkept and neglected park invites gang and drug activity because the visitors are staying away, and the park has become secluded.  A neglected park is the perfect hangout for homelessness and gang activity.

To preserve the park and keep it inviting to the community, the park must be maintained and not present any type of vandalism, such as graffiti, broken bathrooms, or broken playground equipment.

Unfortunately, the traditional methods are not deterring offenders from vandalizing, whether it is youth or gangs.  Even traditional surveillance is not stopping vandalism.  Therefore, park administrators and rangers must think of better strategies.

Behavior modification is the key to stopping the offender in the middle of performing an act of vandalism.  Get the delinquent to think about what they are doing.  Get them to know they are being watched.  And make sure images captured will prosecute if needed.  This means the security in place can present evidence the court will not reject. The evidence must provide confidence to the court that there was no possible tampering with the images and the images are clear enough to identify a face, tattoo, or birth mark.

To stop vandalism from occurring in the first place, saving the expense of clean up and repair, is the best strategy.  To stop park vandalism, use Park Vandalism Cameras, specifically designed to deter vandalism through behavior modification.

Look at your strategies- are you deterring park vandalism?