Holiday Lights

Stop Vandals From Destorying Holiday Decorations & Displays

This time of year is supposed to be festive and bright, bringing together family and friends in celebration. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that it’s also the most “dangerous” time of year. Criminals are shoplifting from stores, pickpocketing shoppers,  burglarizing vacant homes and scam artists are targeting online shoppers and even posing as non-profit organizations for “donations.”

Property crimes such as vandalism, graffiti and trespassing are ongoing issues as well, when more schools are on break and rebellious adolescents become “bored” and cause trouble.  Many communities decorate streets, parks and other outdoor spaces with beautiful holiday displays that unfortunately become targets for these crimes. Vandals have destroyed nativity scenes, Christmas trees and menorah displays, breaking lights and tagging graffiti over precious decorations. These displays can range in value – one news story reported stolen figures valued at $35,000.

Not only are these crimes  expensive to repair, it is heartbreaking for the community in which crime has destroyed their joyous spirits. Some of these displays have been long, historic community traditions that were damaged in just one night and cannot be replaced. These priceless displays must be protected PROACTIVELY from vandalism or it is too late once the damages are done. By having a strategic game plan to protect and prevent vandalism, graffiti and other nuisance crimes from happening, “The Grinch” can be kept at bay from stealing the holiday spirit from your community.