Stop the Illegal Dumping!

Stop the Illegal Dumping!

It is essential to stop the illegal dumping.

Unmanaged waste is polluting our environment and causing illness in both humans and animals.  Illegal dump sites contain many items when weathered and broken down through time that emit toxins into the environment.  These toxins end up in water sources, including drinking water.

Plastic is a common article found in unauthorized dump sites.  With good cause, 76% of the respondents in a 2022 survey expressed concern about how plastic waste impacts the water quality .

To stop the illegal dumping in the community, it is important to have and support an Illegal Dumping Program.

Make sure you have staff that is trained and dedicated to stopping illegal dumping.

  • Does the staff have the authority to:
    • Educate the public?
    • Respond to complaints?
    • Investigate complaints?
    • Prosecute when needed?
  • Has your department been educating the community about illegal dumping:
    • Causing disease?
    • Inviting crime?
    • Polluting the soil and drinking water?
    • Fines that will incur?
    • Hot lines?
  • Does your department have Illegal Dumping Cameras specifically designed to provide:
    • Prosecutable images that can identify a tattoo and items being dumped?
    • License plates within complete darkness?
    • Portability to be moved with the dump sites?
    • Confidence to present evidence in court – images that cannot be not tampered with?
    • Vandal resistant?
    • Ability to be placed in remote areas with no electricity or internet?

Stop the Illegal Dumping.