Start an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program

Start an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program

Before the 1800s, trash including bones and broken cooking utensils were left strewn about on the household yard.  In the 1800s people began to be more discrete and dug holes to dump their trash.  A little trivia tells us, between 1872-1932 – Worcester, MA used pigs to consume the city’s garbage.

Unbelievably, it wasn’t until the 1960s that public health became a concern.  Entering the arena was the Solid Waste Disposal Act (1965).

As time continues so does the trash problem, how to dispose of trash and protect the environment.  Unfortunately, the problem of illegal dumping continues to plague cities and counties across the globe.

So, what can be done to protect your community from the hazards of illegal dumping?

The solution is an effective Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program, and the key elements, which require departments to work together, are:


  • Education: Continue the fight and help the community become aware of the hazards created from illegal dumping.


  • Legislation: Legislate and provide tough fines for illegal dumping.


  • Staff Resources: Train and keep a dedicated staff that can stay focused.


  • Tools: Illegal dumping enforcement cameras designed to capture and provide prosecutable evidence, especially in remote areas.


  • Enforcement: Enforcement is necessary to deter further illegal dumping activity.


Stop the illegal dumping hazards and blight in your community and create an effective Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program today!

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