Solve Illegal Dumping

Solve Illegal Dumping

People are suffering because of the blight and diseases causes by illegal dumping that is occurring in their community.  Regardless of where the dump sites are, the visual impact causes feelings of low value and depression in individuals who see it.  Even if the person consciously puts the images out of their mind, the effects continue to plague their everyday life.

The majority of the leaders recognize this and want to improve the communities’ situations.  However, the problem is more difficult than people realize.  One of the challenges leaders face is that people, sometimes individuals and sometimes businesses, continue to dump, regardless of the amount of education they are fed.  Leaders receive frustration from the community because of the dumping their own neighbors are producing.

Another challenge is dumping rarely occurs in broad daylight. Also, the dump sites are usually areas that are somewhat remote or within an alleyway.  Therefore, witnesses are scarce, and it is difficult to collect evidence. In today’s world of technology, surveillance seems to be everywhere, however the traditional surveillance tools are not designed to be used for illegal dumping.

In order to solve the illegal dumping problem of most communities, community leaders need to create an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program.  It is also essential to know what tools to use.  Because like stated earlier, traditional surveillance does not work.  Because dumpsites are in remote areas, electricity and internet are not possible or extremely expensive to install.  Most traditional surveillance requires both.

Fortunately, there is an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Camera designed especially for illegal dumping problems. They are self-contained and can be easily moved around to control and put a stop to the illegal dumping that is occurring in the community.  They are designed to capture prosecutable evidence in remote areas where there is no electricity or internet. Prosecutable evidence is very important.  Most surveillance systems cannot produce the evidence needed to prosecute in court.

What is your community doing to solve the illegal dumping problem?