Your School’s Safety Program for Vandalism and Nuisance Crime Can Save You Money & Improve Student Performance.

Broken Window Vandalism

At Q-Star Technology, we admire those that run the educational system throughout the nation. We know that it’s a career that is far from easy. From teachers, campus maintenance workers, security, administrative staff and superintendents, everyone that has a hand in a student’s education and wellbeing is essential, important and treasured.

Vandalized classroom

We’ve talked to countless administrators and school maintenance crews across the nation, and they all tell us the same thing: when it comes to vandalism and nuisance crime deterrence, no other surveillance company does better than the systems that Q-Star Technology provides. Many school districts across the nation have seen a significant drop or complete stop in vandalism, nuisance crime and trespassing once they install Q-Star Technology deterrence systems. This drop in nuisance crime leads to overall student wellbeing and the ability to focus more on school work instead of vandalism.

Unlike other companies, we KNOW that just the mere presence of security systems in plain view DOES NOT WORK in deterring criminal behavior. In fact, some criminals mock surveillance cameras and continue to commit crimes. But the patented and ONE-OF-A-KIND technology that only our systems have, send would-be criminals running away scared, and often, they don’t come back.

From education and curriculum planning to student safety and grounds keeping, we know that there are many factors that go into the day-to-day activities that school staff is responsible for. But when it comes to vandalism, trespassing and nuisance crime DETERRENCE, our company and experts know that better than anyone how to stop vandalism and save your school money.

Graffiti sprayed on wall

A student’s surroundings can greatly affect their performance in the classroom as well as socially. Let our company, which has over 20 years of helping schools deter crimes, help you set up a vandalism deterrence plan that is not just cost effective, but most importantly, is right for your school.

To learn more about how vandalism affects student performance, read the full article by the CDC here.

“At our schools the FlashCAM has put an END to ongoing vandalism, saving tens of thousands of dollars in broken windows alone…. Vandalism has dropped 90%. The dollar savings is really not as important as the emotional value the FlashCAM provides. Kids no longer have to deal with walking into vandalized classrooms and over turned desks.”

– Jeff Christensen, Central School District,
  Director of Maintenance & Operations
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“There are two issues with video systems. One is the high cost to install and wire a campus and the other is privacy concerns of parents at having the video recorder running all the time. The event driven nature of the FlashCAM takes away the privacy issue. And the solar power, stand alone nature, and portability of the FlashCAMs save the school a lot of money.”

– Keith Karzin,
  Director of Safety and Risk Management. Saugus School District, northwest of Los Angeles, CA

“The FlashCAMs are great! They deter vandalism wherever we mount them.”

– Lee Ramondi,
  Riverside Unified School District, CA