In The KnowProtecting ParksIt’s a fact, healthy parks promote healthier lifestyles. They encourage outdoor activities, physical exercise and relaxation. Not only do they improve overall health and quality of life, but parks and recreational programs also provide activities for youths to engage in, keeping them off the streets. As a result, violent juvenile crimes can be reduced, therefor creating an even safer environment for the community.

Not all cities have the luxury of being able to maintain their parks in the original clean and safe conditions. Destruction of public parks and recreational areas from nuisance crimes such as graffiti, metal and equipment theft, vandalism and illegal dumping are becoming more common throughout the country, costing cities MILLIONS of dollars each year. These damages deplete valuable resources, which is felt even more during this time of limited funding.

Nuisance crimes tend to occur at parks after hours, when facilities are unoccupied and unmonitored, creating an optimal situation for vandals and criminals to strike. Many cities have been forced to close public parks and recreational facilities due to budget cuts. These inactive and “dormant” parks become prime targets for crime for the same reasons, whether it is day or night. Once these areas have been damaged, significant costs are incurred for remediation. Nuisance Crimes In Parks With a strategic and effective deterrence program in place, imagine the other areas of need that these funds can be applied to. Crime prevention is a cost saving strategy, allowing cities to maximize available resources to projects intended to improve and enhance their communities. Arm these vulnerable areas and protect property, as well as other investments, by deterring the crime before they happen. parks-safe

The FlashCAM is a solar-charged, portable, motion-activated deterrent system that is helping protect parks and recreational facilities from nuisance crimes.

Cities across the country are partnering with Q-star Technology to proactively protect their parks and recreational facilities with the FlashCAM. The unique deterrent features, such as the customizable voice message and bright flash stops the criminals before they engage in the activity. The high resolution images that are also captured are used to identify individuals for prosecution.

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