Prosecute Illegal Dumping

Prosecute Illegal Dumping

The key to taking down illegal dumpers is by getting the community to work together and creating an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program.

The reality is that most illegal dumping operates like a hit-and-run operation. Cars speed along highways, they suddenly pull to the side, they hurl their waste on the side of the road, and then they speed off. Other illegal dumping usually involves driving out into forested areas that are somewhat secluded so that the criminals can dump their waste illegally without being noticed. Since illegal dumping can happen quickly and virtually anywhere that a car can drive to easily, it is difficult for law enforcement to constantly monitor the vast expanse of land under their jurisdiction. Thankfully, law enforcement does not have to work alone.

Equipped with social media and cameras on their phones, the citizens of each community have the power to curb illegal dumping. First, communities can spread awareness of the issue and band together by promoting social media campaigns. One community in Orange, Australia is already fighting illegal dumping in their forests with the campaign #dontwasteourforests. When citizens are adequately informed of the crimes which are ravaging their community, they will be more alert and likely to notice crimes when they occur.

When citizens spot illegal dumping taking place, they should take photos of the activity with their phone. Posting the photos on the community social media page will serve to log the time and date of the incident and remind other citizens of the ongoing battle against criminal activity. If evidence is perceived within the photos, residents need to contact their police department before posing any images and give the evidence for prosecution.

Every city needs an Illegal Dumping Program.

An Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program involves many departments working together.

  • Education: Educate the community through social media, community engagements, and through the schools.
  • Legislation: Stiff fines need to be adopted especially for commercial companies that illegally dump.
  • Staff Resources: To be successful, there needs to be dedicated staff to ensure the program is implemented and stays on track.
  • Tools: Not all tools can do the job. You should not use a screwdriver when a hammer is needed.  Therefore, the right tools, Illegal Dumping Enforcement Cameras, designed especially to capture prosecutable images in complete darkness in remote areas are needed.
  • Enforcement: Enforcement is another key factor. Enforcement is needed to deter further illegal dumping activity.

What is your city doing to stop illegal dumping?

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