Proactive Park Vandalism Program

Proactive Park Vandalism Program

What is a Proactive Park Vandalism Program?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, proactive is “acting in anticipation of future problems, needs or changes.”

Therefore, the first step is to think about the park vandalism problem and what needs to change to stop the problem.

A successful Proactive Park Vandalism Program will include looking at the source of the offending party.  Are the offenders, youth, acting out because of peer pressure or anger at authorities?  Or is the problem of a more serious nature such as gangs bringing in drug and violent activity to the park?

Another question to ask is what are the targets and why?  Is it the bathrooms, the pavilions, the concession stands, or playground equipment?  Most likely, the suffering objects are in remote areas, where there is less human traffic.  The ideal place to commit a crime and not be caught.

Park Directors and Rangers have too much on their plates to deal with these nuisance crimes, but in order to keep the park safe and appetizing to the community the problem cannot be ignored.

Traditional surveillance is not proactive, because it cannot get in front of the crime and stop it.  Even if the cameras can be wired in with electricity and internet in these remote off the beaten track path, it will be costly and not effective.  Traditional surveillance records the misconduct, but does not stop it, and in most cases the images are not  suitable to be used as evidence in court.

A well thought out Proactive Park Vandalism Program uses Park Vandalism Crime Deterrent Systems which are not traditional, because they are designed specifically to stop park vandalism before it happens, and can be placed in remote areas without a need for electricity or internet connection.  The systems also provide prosecutable evidence when needed to convict in a court of law.

Be proactive and stop park vandalism!