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Preventing Illegal Dumping in Communities

Preventing illegal dumping in communities is an honorable obligation for all citizens.

Illegal dumping causes many negative effects, such as decreasing property values, disease initiated by rodents and insects, and the worst association is toxic pollution entering our soil and water sources.

There are certain traits associated with illegal dumping that need to be assessed.

According to an article in Journal of Environmental Management, data analyzed determined nine determinants of illegal dumping: Economic Decline, Scale of Vacancy, Lack of Monitoring, Poor Visibility, Physical Disorder, Illegal Activity, Norms, Accessibility, and Seclusion.

The results of the data reveal the importance of community involvement to prevent illegal dumping.

Every community should implement an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program.

A successful Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program requires departments to work together because it requires:

  • Educating the community about health hazards through social media, community engagements, and through schools.
  • Legislating laws that communicate illegal dumping is not acceptable and there are stiff fines especially for commercial companies. 
  • Dedicating staff to the program to ensure the program is implemented and stays on track.
  • Acquiring the right monitoring tools, illegal dumping enforcement cameras, designed especially to capture prosecutable images in complete darkness in remote areas are needed.
  • Enforcing. Enforcing is needed to deter further illegal dumping activity.

A successful Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program must have accountability in the form of stiff fines.  City departments need to work together to create and enforce the laws to deter the offensive behavior of illegal dumping. But in order for there to be prosecution, there must be evidence that stands up in court. Therefore, city departments need to be equipped with the right tools to gather the evidence needed.

Is your community winning the war on illegal dumping?

Preventing illegal dumping in communities is a worthy responsibility.