Copper Theft

Prevent Copper Theft and Vandals Raiding Foreclosures or Vacant Properties

Vandals and copper thieves, magnetized to isolated or vacant buildings, plague foreclosed homes and vacant properties. Inflicting damages as they force their way in, they gain entry and carry out illegal activities, destroying anything they find. They leave graffiti, broken walls and flooded floors, buildings stripped of copper piping and wiring, glass breakage, defaced and dismantled appliances. Thieves robbing the copper from A/C units leave holes in roofs and buildings exposed to more damage by the elements, and vulnerable to trespassers, squatters and more nuisance crime activity.

Further, copper theft and the related criminal activity can become more dangerously hazardous. Live hot wires left exposed can electrocute unsuspecting victims who happen upon the scene. Natural gas leaks may produce explosions that destroy surrounding property and take lives.


Cost is only one of the factors. When vandalism strikes, the cost to replace the copper and expense of repairs usually far outweighs the actual monetary value thieves get for their loot. But lives can never be replaced. Assess your strategies for crime deterrence. Keeping ahead of criminals before they ever gain a foothold gives you the best advantage against crime.