Park Statues & Historic Monuments Vulnerable to Theft & Vandalism

From Seattle to Detroit to Miami, thieves vandals are on the prowl raiding public parks and national, historically preserved sites. They strip valuable metal and head for metal recycling facilities where they exchange the “scrap” metal for money.

Copper and other metal prices have risen dramatically in recent years, as well as the increased overseas demand for scrap metal.  Correlating to that rise is a significant increase in copper/metal theft and vandalism.  With the issue growing to severe levels since 2010, legislation has been introduced to address the problem of metal theft and its dangerous and costly ramifications.

Park statues and memorials are targeted even when these cultural icons are securely fastened or cemented down, causing extensive  and expensive damage not only to the targeted metal but to other structures as well. Thieves are not deterred by public spaces where they dare to carry out these deeds. These activities typically take place after hours when these parks and recreational areas are left vacant and unmonitored.

However, once gone these historical, artistic, and priceless statues and memorials can never be replaced. The cultural loss is felt permanently. Protect your parks from nuisance crime and safeguard your city’s irreplaceable historical monuments and community pride.