Restroom Vandalized

Park Restrooms: Keeping it safe to “go” there

Parks directors and maintenance superintendents have stories to tell you about public facilities in the parks, and how they are frequently a magnet for vandalism and graffiti.

Public restrooms are a particular target by vandals. Restrooms are usually accessible, and vandals find plenty of things to tamper with and cause destruction.

In Iowa, Sioux City’s facility maintenance supervisor  Stanley LaFave said, “Whenever vandals figure out a way to beat our system, our staff sits down and tries to figure out a way to change it.”

The team has several ideas and strategies for nuisance crime deterrence to prevent park vandalism which they have put in place.  Those include switching out ceramic sinks and toilets for stainless steel, and using touch-free equipment. And installing cameras.

“It seems that once people notice that they are being watched, it deters the acts of vandalism,” LaFave said.