No Walk in the Park: Keeping Kids & Play Areas Out of Harms Way

Parents delight in letting little feet run and frolic in the play areas at the local park. Active kids need to burn off energy. But playgrounds also attract something else—vandalism. Undetected vandals will create havoc in parks, leaving behind a trail of damage and destruction.

  •  Shattered glass
  • Broken and compromised play equipment.
  • Splintered wood
  • Protruding spikes or sharp, jagged edges
  • Dangerously exposed electrical wiring
  • Obscene graffiti vandalism

These all pose severe risks and safety hazards for children that come to play. It becomes even more dangerous when these hazards are hidden dangers such as glass pieces buried in the sand or broken playground equipment, since it’s difficult to detect until after injuries are sustained.

Crime is the greatest threat to the enjoyment and use of the park. Nuisance crime may stop access to recreation programs. Even the perception or feeling of being unsafe can drive people away and cause the public to abandon the park. Once deserted, park areas then attract more illegal and destructive activity.

Graffiti prevention and crime prevention strategies are increasingly vital. Be proactive and protect kids from playground destruction and danger. At the very outset prevent the criminal cycle from ever getting a foothold.