Stadium lights

Metal Theft- Stop Park Vandalism

Every effort should be made to stop metal theft and stop park vandalism.

Metal theft costs a lot of money for cities to repair.

Streetlights and Stadium lights bring a degree of safety and fun to our streets and parks at night. Without streetlights or stadium lights, the streets and parks would be less safe. Sadly, in the US, there is a trend called Metal Theft. Metal theft is the theft of items for the value of the constituent metals.

Metal thefts have become increasingly more widespread in the United States. When metal theft occurs, the offenders most commonly steal copper wire. When copper wire is stolen from the city’s property, it costs the cities a large sum of money to replace the metal and copper that is stolen and to repair the units housing the metal. According to the ASU Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, metal theft can cost the city anywhere from $500,000- $11 million.

To stop any type of park vandalism, including metal theft, the park department needs to implement a Proactive Park Vandalism Program.

A successful Proactive Park Vandalism Program should include:

  • Activities that bring people to the park.
  • Adequate lighting.
  • Posted rules.
  • Hot lines for the community to help with misconduct.
  • Park Staff present during all activities.
  • Park Vandalism Crime Deterrent Systems, specifically designed to stop vandalism before it happens, even in complete darkness without electricity or internet connection.

Bringing proactive measures to the park will stop vandalism and metal theft and protect valuable assets!