Couple at Park

Love Your Park – Stop Park Vandalism

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air. We should be inspired to love things that we might not think of such as our community parks.

Parks play a big role within the community. Parks provide a free space where many play, a beautiful place to enjoy nature, and many memories to those who have visited.

Unfortunately, not all people love parks.  Sadly, parks are being targeted for multiple nuisance crimes such as graffiti, vandalism, and dumping. When crimes like these happen to our parks, we are showing the community that we don’t care about or really love our parks.

One of the more popular crimes against parks happens to be graffiti. When tagging or graffiti occurs within the park, it provides a sense of fear among the citizens because it shows that possibly there are gangs within the neighborhood and the city is not stopping them.  According to ASU Center for Problem -Oriented Policing graffiti heightens fear of gang activity, “For many people, graffiti’s presence suggests the government’s failure to protect citizens and control lawbreakers.”

To protect the community from an onslaught of graffiti in the parks, measures need to be taken that will be effective against the youth and the more serious gang offenders.  It should be noted that for several reasons, traditional surveillance does not stop the problem.   Unless the offenders are caught in the act, the crime continues. However, It is very costly and impractical to provide policemen or security officers 24 hours 7 days a week.

So, what can be done?

To stop park vandalism, the community needs to implement a Park Vandalism Deterrence Program.  An effective Park Vandalism Deterrence Program supports the community with youth and adult activities, provides ample lighting, and has installed Park Vandalism Deterrence Systems, designed specifically to stop the vandalism or graffiti before it happens, due to its behavior modification features.

Love your park and stop the park from being vandalized.