St. Louis, MO: “City Cameras Installed To Spot Illegal Trash Dumping Catching Criminals in the Act”

The Illegal Dumping Task Force of St. Louis, MO has been experiencing great success with their FlashCAM program launched in 2011. They’ve already made over 200 arrests of illegal dumping criminals, by identifying them with their license plate numbers and faces captured by the FlashCAM.

Although their primary purpose of their FlashCAM program was to target their $4 million illegal dumping issue, the FlashCAM has been helping them identify other criminals in the act.  After a drug deal in a north St. Louis neighborhood, a man holding a gun was captured on a FlashCAM installed in an illegal dumping hot spot.

“It’s working out well because we’re catching more than just what we were fishing for…” said Sgt. Ron Hasty, St. Louis City Trash Task Force.

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