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Keep Schools Safe from Vandalism, Graffiti, Theft

School vandalism is a serious problem. With violence and youth vandalism on the rise, school facilities managers must maintain extra vigilance. Keeping a step ahead can be a daily challenge, particularly during the summer months when statistically graffiti, theft and other vandalism increases.

There are several considerations when it comes to crime prevention strategies. Policing sources recommend a comprehensive approach to crime prevention, dealing with various possibilities of criminal behavior within the school grounds. Engaging at this level of preemptive forethought and preparation is increasingly important.

A comprehensive strategy may include measures toward management of the school/students, such as discipline and punitive measures. A second area would address environment modification by applying CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) strategies and reduce or eliminate hidden areas to increase natural surveillance or include proactive measures such as integrating crime-deterrent systems. A third area is in education, instruction and curriculum designed toward resolving conflict, preventing drug and gang involvement, etc.

Combining different programs into your comprehensive crime prevention strategy will help strengthen the overall prevention efforts and help keep your schools safe from nuisance crimes.