Elementary School

Is your school safe from the threats of vandalism and break-ins?

Schools are prime targets for vandalism and nuisance crimes. As the school year progresses, the likelihood of vandalism, break-ins, graffiti and other nuisance crimes tend to increase. Since the majority of these incidents typically originate from within the student body, effort to help the students build a strong connection with the school and developing feelings of pride for their school can be effective against nuisance crimes. Kids who love their school do not want to vandalize their school.

When school vandalism is perpetrated by adults, most often they are looking for expensive equipment and bulky items they can resell for cash. The damage in this type of school vandalism may be more concentrated to areas where items of higher monetary value are accessed, rather than full scale expressive, malicious destruction, including graffiti and arson.

Secure your school buildings and grounds with proper protective measures before vandals discover any vulnerabilities by taking proactive measure to stop these crimes before it can take place. Once vandalism strikes a school, the chances of repeat vandalism escalate, and so do the monetary and social cost risks.

As a form of natural motivation against nuisance activity, some schools are allowing students to create a mural which they design, within the area that vandalism takes place repeatedly. This can instill interest from the student body to preserve their works of art from being vandalized.

Glass windows on the ground floor are also a magnet for vandalism, and should be removed and replaced. Using physical barriers to obstruct vandals, adjusting lighting, and monitoring the school after hours is effective in deterring these unwanted activities as well.