Importance of Portability -Illegal Dumping

Importance of Portability -Illegal Dumping

Portability is important in the war against illegal dumping.

The favored dump sites are remote areas where there is minimal traffic.  With everyone carrying a phone and having quick access to a camera, illegal dumping offenders are taking more caution looking for remote areas to leave their items.  Unfortunately, this means remote areas, greatly affecting the environment and causing toxic conditions for both people and animals.

When pollution enters the soil, the soil becomes toxic, creating what is known as Soil Pollution. According to the National Library of Medicine,  Soil pollution is defined as contamination of soil at higher than normal concentrations by waste materials of human origin that have adverse effects on human and ecosystem health. Soil pollutants include heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals such as pesticides, biological pathogens, and plastic waste. 

The National Library of Medicine explains that healthy soil is essential, and pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and pre-mature death in the world today.

Wow! Think about that.

This is why a well thought out Illegal Dumping Program must be implemented in every city.

A Successful Illegal Dumping Program must have:

  • Departments within the city working together.
  • Educational platforms to keep the citizens engaged in stopping illegal dumping.
  • Tough legislation especially for commercial illegal dumpers.
  • Staff Resources dedicated to the program.
  • Illegal Dumping Cameras, specifically designed to stop illegal dumping.


In order to stop illegal dumping, an Illegal Dumping Program must include Illegal Dumping Cameras with high resolution to capture evidence that will convict in court, solar panels for remote power, and portability to move where the dumping sites develop.