School Learning

Importance of Metal Theft Prevention At Schools

Your school is equipped to teach children for several hours a day, but did you know that you can also educate vandals that crime doesn’t pay?

Scrap metal vandals operate solo or in pairs to cut, detach and steal air conditioning unit copper coils and other scrap metal from school grounds. Metal theft vandalism affects school children, just as it does the school administration, teachers and the rest of the community from whom the vandals stole. Sometimes schools must close to enable the repairs to be made safely.

The cost to the school is considerably greater than the few hundred dollars received by metal thieves at the scrap recycler. Replacement and restoration costs can be in the tens of thousands of dollars; in some cases, it’s upwards of $100,000. For this reason, police consider air conditioning metal theft to be a serious offense.

Metal theft offenders can be difficult to track down as they often act quickly, and commit these crimes under the cover of darkness. When serial numbers have been removed and identifying information is not present, the scrap metal cannot be traced.

Create a comfortable, cohesive and safe learning environment for students and teachers, and put vandals on notice. The FlashCAM includes a motion activated voice warning that can be customized to any message recording to alert the criminal that trespassing and illegal activity will be prosecuted. The system integrates well with your district’s crime prevention strategy.