Rats, insects, and other vermin find unauthorized discarded piles of waste a habitable environment

Illegally Dumped Waste

Rarely does one argue that illegally dumped waste is not a problem.

Illegal dump sites can be seen in almost every large city throughout the United States.  The sites bring disease to the community, lower property values, and pollute the air, soil, and water.

Rats, insects, and other vermin find unauthorized discarded piles of waste a habitable environment.  Due to the high occurrence of these creatures that live in illegal dump sites, disease spreads to the neighborhood.  The diseases to be concerned about are the bubonic plaque from the fleas on rodents and Malaria, Zika, Dengue Fever, and West Nile Virus carried by mosquitoes.

Besides disease, illegal dumping lowers the property value of homeowners and businesses.  To see a neglected area of piled up of trash in a community communicates, disorder, disregard, and danger.  Therefore, maybe not a nice place to live or conduct business.  A lower quality of life is displayed in an illegally dumped site.

To add to the disease and lower property values, unmanaged unauthorized dumping sites pollute the air, soil, and the water sources every creature including humans depend on. In 2016, between .14 and .41 Metric Tons of waste was illegal dumped in the United States.  The dumping sites have multiplied since then.

Cleaning up a dump site in a timely manner is essential.  A dump site ignored becomes a large-scale problem bringing more waste and dangerous crimes to the community.

A community needs to implement an illegal Dumping Enforcement Program. A successful Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program needs to have the right resources to make a change in the community.  Traditional surveillance does not provide the evidence needed to prosecute an illegal dumping event.  The program needs to have Illegal Dumping Cameras – specifically designed to capture the evidence needed to convict.

Stop the illegally dumped waste in your community!