The Illegal Dumping Struggle

The Illegal Dumping Struggle

Illegal Dumping is a struggle for all cities and counties throughout the nation.  Most cities have implemented some type of illegal dumping program to try to catch perpetrators, by investigating the dump site to try to find clues as to where it came from or using trail cameras to have photo identification of the crime in the act.

Sadly, the pitfalls of these tactics are very frustrating.  Although clues can be found at a dump site, it is very difficult to attach the clues to the actual person responsible for the dumping.  There are numerous reasons for a defense attorney to be able to create enough doubt, making it very difficult for the prosecutor to convict the person on trial for the illegal dumping charge.

This is also the case for trail cameras.  Trail cameras do not have the ability to get enough detail in resolution and they are easy to tamper with, again giving the defense attorney enough cause for reasonable doubt, therefore no conviction.

For an Illegal Dumping Program to be successful there must be a bite in the consequences of illegal dumping.  A solid program should generate revenue to pay for the Illegal Dumping Program, and other programs that benefit the community.  But for that to happen, clear evidence is needed to be provided to the prosecutor.  Solid evidence, making it hard for a defense attorney to find reasonable doubt.

Thankfully, there are Illegal Dumping Enforcement Cameras, designed specifically to capture evidence that will stand up in court

An effective Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program is necessary to stop illegal dumping.  Cities need to provide their departments with the right tools in the fight of beautifying and protecting the environment.