Illegal Dumping Solution

Illegal Dumping Solution

Illegal Dumping is a problem throughout the world, and every community is looking for solutions. It is safe to bet, that all solutions do not look the same and do not have an equal return.

It is excellent that communities are looking for ways to stop the pollution and disease that are associated with illegal dump sites. But unfortunately, the solution is not so easy. Dump sites move around.  Dump sites are usually in remote areas.  And let us say again, dump sites move around.

Therefore, installing electricity and internet cables are not wise or efficient, making surveillance difficult if not downright impossible. Besides the fact that traditional surveillance does not have the best resolution for prosecutable images, it requires electricity and internet connection to work.  There are a few “Solar Powered” surveillance systems out there, however the battery does not last long and must be changed frequently, the surveillance does not produce prosecutable images, and they are not vandal proof.

Fortunately, there are Illegal Dumping Enforcement Cameras, that are specifically designed to solve these problems.  They are designed to capture images and license plates even in complete darkness.  They are completely self-contained needing no electricity or wiring.  The best part is they are portable, making it easy to move where the problem moves.

However, even with Illegal Dumping Enforcement Cameras, a community needs to implement an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program. An Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program involves multiple departments within the community.

A successful Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program should include the following elements:

  • Education: Educate the community through social media, community engagements, and through the schools.
  • Legislation: Stiff fines need to be adopted especially for commercial companies that illegally dump.
  •  Staff Resources: To be successful, there needs to be dedicated staff to ensure the program is implemented and stays on track.
  • Tools: Not all tools can do the job. You should not use a screwdriver when a hammer is needed.  Therefore, the right tools, Illegal Dumping Enforcement Cameras, designed especially to capture prosecutable images in complete darkness in remote areas are needed.
  • Enforcement: Enforcement is another key factor. Enforcement is needed to deter further illegal dumping activity.

What is your community doing to stop illegal dumping?


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