Illegal Dumping Program – Deterrence

Illegal Dumping Program – Deterrence

What does deterrence look like in an Illegal Dumping Program?

According to the Miriam Webster Dictionary, Deterrence is the act or process of discouraging or preventing.

There are three types of deterrence in an Illegal Dumping Program, passive, covert, and overt.

Passive deterrence is a physical perception, observation, or awareness that elements in the surrounding area are in place to deter the activity of illegal dumping, such as surveillance through video cameras.  Covert deterrence is not clearly visible but more veiled such as fines given against people who break the rules and leave their trash in unlawful areas.   On the other hand, overt deterrence is clearly visible and proactive in stopping the behavior of people illegally dumping.

According to Conventional Deterrence, “deterrence- is most likely to obtain when an attacker believes that his probability of success is low and that the attendant costs will be high”.  This is the heart of an Illegal Dumping Program.

Is your Illegal Dumping Program creating the belief in the offender that the possibility of being caught and facing consequences is real and unpleasant enough to stop their behavior?  If the current program in place does not have all the necessary tools and bite then you do not have a true deterrence program and the illegal dumping sites will grow and multiply, even with surveillance in place.

Traditional surveillance cameras are easily stolen or vandalized, and do not capture the images needed to stand up in court.  Yes, the images can be obtained but the details are not clear enough to prosecute.  In addition, these cameras cannot be easily moved or placed in remote areas where the dumping sites are located.

To convict and generate revenue with fines, the Illegal Dumping Program must have the right tools and laws in place. The right tool is an Illegal Dumping Enforcement System that is vandal resistant, does not require electricity or internet connection, and can capture the evidence needed, such as a tattoo on an arm, items being dumped, and license plates.

Create a true Deterrence Illegal Dumping Program and end the hazards that plague the community.