SecurePlus Extended Warranty

FlashCAM-SX Extended Warranty Program

We take pride in the performance of our FlashCAM deterrent systems, but like most technology, unforeseen failures occur. With the new SecurePlus™ Extended Warranty Program, you can now be confident that your FlashCAM installation sites will be covered without disruption.

Avoid unnecessary downtime by taking advantage of the FREE FlashCAM factory loaner system while SecurePlus™ repair work is being performed on your system.

 SecurePlus™ Benefits:

  • Purchase with confidence knowing that your investment is protected for up to THREE full years
  • FlashCAM factory loaner systems provide UNINTERRUPTED PROTECTION of your trouble spots
  • All work performed at factory by Q-Star Certified Technicians

SecurePlus™ is a two year extended warranty plan, extending the one year factory warranty coverage for a total of three years coverage from the date of purchase.

For more information, contact your Regional Account Executive or our Customer Support Team at (310) 294-8194.