Every FlashCAM program is unique to each situation, making each installation location different from the other. Various accessories help enhance the FlashCAM performance to work around obstacles that certain locations may present.


FlashCAM-DB2 Decoy Camera

FlashCAM-DB2 Decoy Camera:

The decoy has the appearance of a FlashCAM system, only without any functioning internal components.


Quick Move Adapter:

Easily move your FlashCAM from one trouble spot to another.
(For use with Wall Mount Bracket)
*RSP-1 Remote Solar Panel

*RSP-1 Remote Solar Panel

RSP-1 Remote Solar Panel:

Allows optimal solar recharging for those installations with minimal sun exposure.
*C-Clamp Mounting Bracket C-clamp Mounting Bracket:

For mounting on building parapet.

Optional Items

*Additional RF Keyfob Controller
*Additional 8.0 Gigabyte Secure Digital Memory Card
* Additional Battery Pack (for back-up on Solar units)

Each FlashCAM-880SX System Includes:

One Year Factory Warranty
FlashCAM-880SX User's Manual
CD-ROM/Software for wireless image downloading
(1) Set of FlashCAM-880SX Accessories:

- Wall Mount Bracket
- 8.0GB SD Card
- Battery Charger
- RF Keyfob
- USB Cable
- Padlock & Chain