The FlashCAM is a portable, solar-charged, motion activated crime deterrent system that has proven over the past 20 years to be extraordinarily effective at stopping graffiti, illegal dumping, metal theft, vandalism and other nuisance crimes.

FlashCAM Benefits:

  • Solar-charged, portable and easy to install
  • Wireless download of pictures onto a laptop, smartphone or IPad (880 model only)
  • Operating range up to 100 feet
  • Motion activated
  • High resolution images provide necessary evidence for prosecution

The fact is that when the unique deterrent features such as the bright flash and customizable audio message are triggered, most would-be criminals simply leave the scene instead of committing a costly crime. In the rare instances that criminal activity is not deterred, the high resolution images provide the necessary evidence for identification and prosecution.

Proactive Crime Deterrent System with Wireless Picture Download

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