Environmental Vandalism

Environmental Vandalism

Illegal waste dumping of any kind is a form of vandalism.  Illegal dumping can be classified as Environmental Vandalism, and it is a crime that can have detrimental effects.  The dictionary states that vandalism is “…destruction of, or damage to, public or private property.”  Vandalism at a park is any type of defacement to the public’s property. In this incident, the effects illegal dumping has on the park’s environment is the vandalism.  A park’s environment, rather it’s at a public community park or rather it’s on national land, belongs to the public and it most definitely is a type of owned property.

Both park vandalism and illegal fly dumping at parks are unlawful acts that damage its appearance.  Dumped garbage items and debris can disfigure a park’s beautiful scenery and its view, a landscape that park officials have worked so hard to obtain and paid by citizens of the community.  It completely damages it’s overall setting and the rest of its surrounding environment, and the dumped elements can do much farther harm to the environment than most people realize.

When people illegally dispose of waste items and materials in any part of a national park or other public land, it defaces and demeans the beautiful encounter public visitors are expecting.  Illegal dumping is an offense that is a public eyesore, but it also leads to the destruction of the environment and is a danger to humans.  It is a perpetration against nature, and it disturbs the wildlife living in the park and damages their habitats.  Illegal dumping causes their home environments to become toxic, which leads to their demise.

It is possible that spreading awareness of the harm illegal dumping can cause might help others realize the true damage that is done by this act.  Another, more likely possibility, is that selfish people will not care and will continue to dump trash into parks, even after being educated about its harm.  In this respect, focusing on the prevention of illegal dump sites at parks is the key.

Protect your park’s environment by shielding it from all dispositions of vandalism, including Environmental Vandalism which is done by illegally dumped trash.