Park Graffiti and Vandalism

End Park Graffiti and Vandalism

It is essential to end park graffiti and vandalism.

Park graffiti and vandalism are nuisance crimes that bring down the community’s quality of life and should be stopped. When pride is taken in the ownership of a car, house, or a computer, it becomes a natural feeling to want to protect the asset.  The same feeling of pride, ownership, and protection should also apply to the local parks, county parks, state parks, and federal parks.

These parks are the pride of our community and the physical and mental well being of every generation.  In Evansville, Indiana, local skaters cleaned up graffiti at their skatepark, which was defaced by a vandal.  This protection of their local skatepark is the valor every citizen should take to heart.

Unfortunately, a great number of parks fall into disrepair because cleaning up vandalism and graffiti is laborious and costly.  Park superintendents are fighting a never-ending battle when the community does not care for their park.

Although most parks have traditional surveillance, traditional surveillance does not deter vandals.   Park assets like pavilions, playground equipment, and bathrooms are vulnerable due to being in remote areas, being in poor lighting, and being in an area less likely to have the security.

To help park superintendents and staff control and end the vandalism in these remote areas, Park Vandalism Cameras, that are wireless and specifically designed to deter vandalism need to be acquired.

End park graffiti and vandalism, protect them and bring pride to the community.