Create an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program

Create an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program

Your community has an illegal dumping problem, and you are looking into how to create an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program.  Every city throughout the world has an illegal dumping problem, with some at the crisis level.  Illegal dumping causes pollution, disease, and depression.  It is paramount to take control of the problem.  Citizens are at the board meetings complaining, the Environmental Protection Agency is requesting your city to tackle the problem, and you are responsible to find a solution.

So where do you begin?

First, it is important that internal departments within the city or county work together.  The key factors in determining a successful Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program are Education, Legislation, Staff Resources, Tools, and Enforcement, which covers many departments.

  • Education: Educating the community is not difficult. It can be accomplished through social media, community engagements, and through the schools.


  • Legislation: Although educating is simple, not all people care enough about the health hazards and will continue to illegally dump. Therefore, tough legislation is needed.  Stiff fines need to be adopted especially for commercial companies that illegally dump.


  • Staff Resources: To be successful, there needs to be dedicated staff to ensure the program is implemented and stays on track. So many programs lose the steam because their staff is scattered without focus.


  • Tools: Not all tools can do the job. You should not use a screwdriver when a hammer is needed.  Therefore, the right tools, illegal dumping enforcement cameras, designed especially to capture prosecutable images in complete darkness in remote areas are needed.


  • Enforcement: Enforcement is another key factor. Without the laws needed, the dedicated staff, and the prosecutable evidence a city cannot enforce.  Enforcement is needed to deter further illegal dumping activity.


Now that you know where to begin.  Take control! Create an Illegal Dumping Enforcement Program that will give you solutions to end Illegal Dumping and end the pollution, disease, and depression it is causing.

You got this!