City of Mission using high-tech cameras to stop illegal dumping

The city of Mission have installed new motion-sensor cameras to stop illegal dumping.

The city is seeing an increase of illegal dumping in canals, a problem that can potentially create a life-threatening issue this hurricane season.

Code Enforcement Supervisor Irasema Dimas said the city bought seven motion-sensor cameras to put up around illegal dumping hot spots.

The city was able to compile a list of about 40 problem areas where people have been dumping their unwanted items. While illegal dumping can happen anywhere, the city says most of it happens in the canals and irrigation banks.

“We’re trying to deter them from doing that because if that’s on the banks, once we get hurricane season, or we get hit with another storm, all of that is going to go into the canal,” Dimas said.

Illegal dumping can also create health concerns since people dump trash, tires and even dead animals.

As for the new cameras, if they’re activated, a message will be broadcast letting the person know they’re being watched. The camera will also take a picture of the area.

If a person is caught illegally dumping, they could be fined up to $4,000.