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2013 Graffiti Hurts FlashCAM Grant Winner: Eight Mile Boulevard Association(Detroit, MI)

Congratulations to Eight Mile Boulevard Association of Detroit, MI! They were the winners of the 2013 FlashCAM Grant from Graffiti Hurts.

The Eight Mile Boulevard Association (8MBA) is a nonprofit organization in Michigan, established in 1993, which focuses on revitalizing the “appearance and business climate along the Eight Mile Boulevard through education, assistance, code compliance and cooperation.” They applied for the Graffiti Hurts FlashCAM Grant this year in order to enhance their efforts to address the issues of graffiti along the Eight Mile corridor. Certain areas along the corridor have recently become a growing issue and with this grant application, their goal was to become more aggressive in their approach to stop graffiti in their community.

With their new FlashCAM-880SX system, Eight Mile Boulevard Association will be partnering with their community stakeholders and law enforcement professionals to develop a comprehensive and strategic FlashCAM program to deter taggers from returning to deface properties. This program will help engage each partner to help with the identification, remediation and prevention of graffiti along Eight Mile.

We are looking forward to hearing the success stories from Eight Mile Boulevard Association with their FlashCAM program in these coming years. As with previous FlashCAM grant recipients, this strategic approach and dedicated team to these efforts that Eight Mile Boulevard Association has developed for this FlashCAM program will help them see great results with their FlashCAM.

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CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, PA: “Surveillance Camera Program”

The City of Philadelphia spends over ONE MILLION dollars in taxpayer money on cleaning up illegal dumping.

In 2009, Philadelphia partnered with Q-Star Technology to launch their FlashCAM program to help stop these criminals and in 2010, 71 violations in the amount of $300 were issued and 48 arrests of illegal dumpers have been made by the Philadelphia Police Department Neighborhood Services Unit.

The city of Philadelphia has a dedicated page on their website that provides more details on their FlashCAM program (visit City Of Philadelphia website).

FlashCAM Installation

2012 Graffiti Hurts FlashCAM Grant Winner: Keep Las Cruces Beautiful

Congratulations to Keep Las Cruces Beautiful of Las Cruces, NM!

The City of Las Cruces has been focused on addressing the growing graffiti problem in their city and implemented a comprehensive graffiti reduction program. This program included prompt reporting, quick abatement, community prevention and educational programs. Unfortunately, they were still seeing a rise in graffiti vandalism even with this well developed program.

With this issue on hand, Keep Las Cruces Beautiful (KLCB) applied for the FlashCAM Grant to add a “new tool for the enforcement of existing graffiti codes and energize the graffiti enforcement community.” KLCB works closely with the Las Cruces Police Department (LCPD) Codes Enforcement division, and together they serve as the dedicated leaders overseeing this program to protect the community from graffiti vandals.

In addition to deterring the taggers with their new FlashCAM, they plan to use the high resolution images that are captured on the FlashCAM to help them prosecute these graffiti vandals. This increase in arrest and prosecutions will also serve as a deterrent by sending the message that graffiti in Las Cruces will not be tolerated.

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Graffiti Fighter

Stop Urban Blight: Graffiti Fighter 2012 Resource Guide


The Stop Urban Blight organization, a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of graffiti vandalism, recently published the 2012 Graffiti Fighter Resource Guide. This guide provides helpful tips to fight graffiti as well as other articles related to graffiti abatement across the world. Q-Star Technology provides insight on graffiti prevention and how the FlashCAM has been proven to deter taggers from causing damage.

For more information about Stop Urban Blight or the Graffiti Fighter 2012 Resource Guide, visit their website at

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