Yakima, WA: “Yakima Graffiti Camera Nabbing Taggers”

Story published on August 28, 2011 on KIMA CBS 29

Yakima Police Department have caught nearly a dozen taggers after installing FlashCAMs to address their growing graffiti problem. The city worked to quickly paint over the graffiti vandalism as soon as possible, was not enough to stop the taggers. The FlashCAMs are rotated around the city and provides “a bird’s eye view to police and catch taggers.”

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Youngstown, OH: “Dumping, other problems come into full focus”

Illegal dumping has been a growing problem for the city of Youngstown. They launched a FlashCAM program consisting of nine systems installed throughout the city to help catch these illegal dumpers. To their surprise, the images captured on the FlashCAM were more than just illegal dumpers and have caught metal thieves in the act as well.

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Richmond, VA: “City Installs Covert Cameras”

On July 26, 2011, Style Weekly featured a story of the Richmond Police Department’s FlashCAM program throughout the city. “It’s hard for you to say, ‘It was not me,’ when I have a picture of you…” states Maj. Sydney Collier, Chief of Staff of the Richmond Police Department. Their FlashCAM program is intended to catch graffiti taggers, illegal dumpers and other nuisance crimes throughout their city.

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CBS Miami: “Graffiti Cam Watching Over Coral Gables”

Published on June 29, 2011 on CBS4 Miami

Coral Gables Police Department launched their FlashCAM program to address their issue with graffiti, using a federal grant. “We can attend to other situations in the city, and deploy our manpower in other situations and have the camera act as an additional officer” says Coral Gables Officer Kelly Denham.

The police department rotates their FlashCAM throughout the city in order to protect their community from graffiti vandals.

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