Coachella, CA: Coachella Hopes Security Cameras Foil Vandals


September 27, 2014

Coachella City Council members recently approved the addition of more FlashCAM systems to protect their community from nuisance crimes. The city has seen great results with their existing systems in deterring crime, especially vandalism & graffiti.

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Philadelphia, PA: Undercover cop fights Philly’s illegal dumping epidemic

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July 03, 2014

Philadelphia, PA has been working to stop illegal dumping in their city more aggressively in the recent years to address their $1.4 million problem. In 2013, the city hauled away over 14,000 tons of illegally dumped trash and tires. The Community Life Improvement Program manages the city’s FlashCAM program, capturing license plates of these offenders and issuing $300 tickets. Undercover police officers are also addressing this issue head on, catching these offenders in the act and putting them behind bars.

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Memphis, TN: Hidden Cameras Catch Illegal Dumpers

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July 30, 2014

Shelby County, TN has seen great results with their new FlashCAM program to stop illegal dumping in their community. Officials have stated they “caught a woman dumping trash within the first 24 hours of the camera’s installation.”  Illegal dumping has been an expensive issue for Shelby County, costing them approximately $100,000 in cleanup in 2013, removing over 320 ton of illegally dumped debris.

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Honolulu, HI: Police Installing New Flash Cameras at Parks to Deter Crime


March 5, 2014

Honolulu Police Department started a pilot program about three years ago, using the FlashCAM systems to help address nuisance crimes at their parks after hours.  The crime they’ve been experiencing at their parks have been an ongoing issue with people breaking in at night, stealing equipment, vandalizing the park and the homeless illegally camping. They recently installed a couple systems to begin to address these issues and the police will be using the high resolution images as evidence to prosecute.

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