Providence, RI – NBC10 I-Team: “Trash dumping gross waste of taxpayer money”


July 09, 2015

The City of Providence, RI spends approximately $300,000 each year on cleaning up after illegal dumping sites across the city. This illegal activity is taking place over night, at remote areas or streets with low traffic, dumping bags of dead animals to construction debris and household waste. By adding the FlashCAM-880SX system to their illegal dumping abatement program, they hope to begin to identify these suspects committing the crime and put an end to this costly crime.

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St. Louis spends $4M a year to clean-up illegal dumping

May 12, 2015

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The City of St. Louis is fighting illegal dumping with technology and catching the perpetrators on camera. Crooks are dumping trash in empty lots and costing the city millions of dollars to clean up.

Tires, couches, clothing and dirt, all of it illegally dumped in alleys and waterways. It`s a daily problem officials are fighting to clean up. Sergeant Ron Hasty leads the 5 man trash task force responsible for checking reported sites and the 120 cameras posted across the city.  Some of the cameras caught the dumpers in the act and other crimes in motion.

‘We have problems with absentee landlords that come in and think that when a tenant moves out it’s ok to empty the apartment into the alley. They pull up and get captured on camera and we have the face to go with the car and license plate. We`ve caught people involved in shootings,   involved in shots fired.  We even caught people burning stolen autos.’ Said Hasty.

The trash task force gets over 2,000 calls per year.  When caught perpetrators face a minimum of $500 in fines per incident and 40 hours of community service. Hauling activity typically picks up in the spring.

‘We spend 4 million dollars a year cleaning up people`s trash I wouldn`t want to live like that.’ He said.

Number To Report Illegal Dumping–314-622-4800

Locations Of Legal Dumping Sites In St. Louis

Coachella, CA: Coachella Hopes Security Cameras Foil Vandals


September 27, 2014

Coachella City Council members recently approved the addition of more FlashCAM systems to protect their community from nuisance crimes. The city has seen great results with their existing systems in deterring crime, especially vandalism & graffiti.

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Philadelphia, PA: Undercover cop fights Philly’s illegal dumping epidemic

philly com

July 03, 2014

Philadelphia, PA has been working to stop illegal dumping in their city more aggressively in the recent years to address their $1.4 million problem. In 2013, the city hauled away over 14,000 tons of illegally dumped trash and tires. The Community Life Improvement Program manages the city’s FlashCAM program, capturing license plates of these offenders and issuing $300 tickets. Undercover police officers are also addressing this issue head on, catching these offenders in the act and putting them behind bars.

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