The Cost Effectiveness of Vandalism Prevention

There isn’t a specific demographic profile of vandals. Most commonly, they are adolescents that believe this crime is just a “harmless prank” without considering the safety hazards and financial burden they are causing. There’s no clear explanation to this behavior and it could be a result of many things such as stress, anger, boredom or even just thinking that they can get away with it.

School vandalism is especially increasing across the country. In one night, vandals can destroy campuses, steal valuable equipment such as computers, band instruments or even copper wiring from air conditioning units. When schools are vacant and unmonitored, these campuses become easy targets for criminals.

The vandalism deterrence features of the FlashCAM Crime Deterrence Systems are especially effective in protecting these properties like schools, parks, municipal areas or unattended construction sites.  The images that our customers typically see when downloading from their FlashCAMs are of the criminals looking at the FlashCAM, and the next image of them running off, stopping them in their tracks even before they had the chance to strike.

The destructive effects of vandalism, graffiti and material theft are not only impacting the environment of communities across the nation but also the safety of the community as well. Thousands of dollars are being spent fixing vandalism, when these funds could be allocated to other areas.

Communities that have implemented a FlashCAM program have all reported a dramatic decline in unwanted activity such as graffiti, vandalism, trespassing and metal theft.

The customizable voice message and bright flash features of the FlashCAMs deter the criminals before they engage in the activity, while the high resolution images that showcase individuals in the act are used to clearly identify individuals for prosecution.

Don’t waste another dime cleaning up after nuisance crimes; contact us about The FlashCAM Crime Deterrence System today!

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