Stop Graffiti
Nearly $12 Billion each year is spent on the battle against graffiti. These costs include the equipment, labor, paint and other resources to reverse the damages. FlashCAM programs focused on graffiti prevention helps protect property as well as budgets from these damaging effects of graffiti.

Illegal Dumping
Whether it is one person leaving unwanted furniture or a dump truck unloading a truck full of waste, these dumping acts are all illegal if the area is not a designated drop off site. Cities across the country are adding FlashCAMs to their illegal dumping abatement programs to address this costly and hazardous crime within their communities.

Equipment / Metal Theft
Metal thieves are now targeting every source they can find to strip and extract any type of metal, from copper wiring to steel manhole covers. This costly crime not only wastes city budgets on repair costs, they create disruptions by taking out power sources as well as creating dangerous environments for the community.

Vandalism is thought to be a “harmless prank” but the damages caused by these criminals create safety hazards and deplete valuable resources, materials and budgets. FlashCAM proactively works to stop these trespassers and vandals before they can cause damage.

Success Stories
Read stories and news articles from some of our successful FlashCAM users from across the country, as well as other updates related to the FlashCAM.