Testimonials for FlashCAM crime deterrent system

“We installed a FlashCAM a year ago in an alley that was experiencing high activity of graffiti in one section, and all activity has completely stopped ever since installation…”

Wasco Code Compliance (Wasco, CA)

“Since we mounted the FlashCAM, which has already been a few months, there has not been on single break in!”
Solano County Transit (Vallejo, CA)
“These are way better than the game cameras we used to use! Not only would they get stolen, now we don’t have to keep climbing up and down the ladder all the time pulling the SD cards and changing the batteries out – there was so much wasted time using the game cameras vs these! And I never got the clear pictures that I get now!

Ocala Recreation & Parks Enforcement Division (Ocala, FL)

“We love the FlashCAM, we had at least 1 incident every week, but since the FlashCAM has been implanted, we had only 1 incident in an entire year!”

Spokane Parks & Recreation (Spokane, WA)

“The FlashCAM eliminated metal theft at our transfer station, and has paid for itself 4 times over!”

East Hartford Public Works (East Hartford, CT)

“With copper thefts on the increase in our area, we knew that exposed copper would be a tempting target for ‘would be thieves.’ The FlashCAMs were installed and when we looked at the digital images, we found that although no thefts had occurred, it acted as a strong deterrent to ‘would be thieves.’ It is our sincere belief that having these cameras installed is what deterred any thefts of copper from that building.”

Smyrna Police Department (Smyrna, GA)

“We get photos of a lot of license plate numbers which are then turned over to the legal department for prosecution…There’s definitely been success using the FlashCAMs.”

Amarillo Solid Waste Department (Amarillo, TX)

“We love the FlashCAM! We’re using one unit in a park overlooking the Park House which is part of the hockey rink. This site was a magnet for graffiti. Since the FlashCAM was installed there have been no incidents of graffiti.”

Waterbury Police Department (Waterbury, CT)

“We have statistics showing that the FlashCAM saved us a lot of dollars. It stopped the problem at the park where we have it installed. We highly recommend the FlashCAM.”

San Bruno Parks & Recreation (San Bruno, CA)

“I’m really happy with the FlashCAMs. We’re saving money for the school district.”

Riverside Unified School District (Riverside, CA)

“The resolution of the photos is excellent; good enough to use in a photo lineup! The detail on the photo is amazing, clearly showing a scar on the tagger’s head. We had been looking for this guy with the scar for two other incidents of assault with a deadly weapon.”

El Cajon Police Department (El Cajon, CA)

“We haven’t caught anyone illegally dumping, but we have had cases where people pull up with debris in their vehicle and the camera system has warned them off. It’s 100 percent successful and we’re extremely excited that it’s being used as a deterrent for would be illegal dumpers.”

Chattanooga Public Works (Chattanooga, TN)

“…(the) skatepark has been hit with graffiti virtually every weekend for a very long time. As of the day the FlashCAM was installed, we have not had one incident of graffiti…”

Tyler Against Graffiti / Keep Tyler Beautiful (Tyler, TX)

“We were using 20 gallons of paint every day to cover over the graffiti. It was an expensive problem, when you factor in the labor costs. So we installed a FlashCAM system, left it at that location for two months and the graffiti stopped!”

New York City Parks (New York, NY)

“We have been using the FlashCAMs at our schools for years and have been very happy with them!”

San Bernardino Unified School District (San Bernardino, CA)

“The (FlashCAMs) have been up for over a year and not a scratch has been made on our facility… We are situated in a high risk area, but since we installed the FlashCAMs, we have not seen any damage on our facility.”

Bernalillo County Parks & Recreation (Albuquerque, NM)

“At our schools, the FlashCAM has put an END to ongoing vandalism, saving tens of thousands of dollars in broken windows alone… Vandalism has dropped 90%. The dollar savings is really not as important as the emotional value the FlashCAM provides. Kids no longer have to deal with walking into vandalized classrooms and over turned desks…”

Central School District (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

“We love the FlashCAMs! We are so spoiled at this point with these cameras, we wouldn’t know what to do without them!”

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (St. Louis, MO)

“We’ve had great success with our Q-Star systems. We mainly use them for graffiti prevention but have caught several thefts and even a sex assualt suspect leaving the backyard of the victim…”

Brighton Police Department (Brighton, CO)