Over 20 Years Focused on Nuisance Crime Prevention

Yankee Stadium

Newport Beach Park

Stop graffiti, illegal dumping, vandalism, metal theft or other crimes proactively.

Q-Star Technology was founded in 1995 to utilize technology to prevent graffiti crimes with the development of the FlashCAM systems. Throughout the years, the unique technology of the FlashCAM has proven to be effective at deterring more than just GRAFFITI. It is now used to help reduce and solve problems of ILLEGAL DUMPING, VANDALISM,  METAL THEFT and other nuisance crimes that continue to deteriorate communities.

With over 20 years of experience in crime prevention, Q-Star Technology continues to help customers across the nation stop nuisance crimes and other unwanted activity with the FlashCAM. Over the years, the FlashCAM technology advanced into a more intuitive system, incorporating a high resolution camera, remote downloading capabilities and a solar battery recharging feature.  Yet even with the rapid growth that Q-Star has experienced, one thing that has not changed is the continued dedication of the Q-Star team.

We strive to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction with our products and services by remaining focused on quality standards with engineering, manufacturing and customer service. By keeping our eyes fixed on our customer’s satisfaction, we work together with a common goal to protect communities and provide solutions to eliminate issues of nuisance crimes.