Crime prevention systemNuisance crimes such as graffiti, illegal dumping, metal theft and vandalism are wasting millions of dollars and valuable resources to reverse the damages. These crimes also create health and safety hazards for the community as well as attract other issues the longer they are not addressed.

The FlashCAM is a portable, solar-charged, motion-activated, proactive security system used by customers across the nation. Unlike surveillance cameras, the FlashCAM is a unique and effective tool of deterrence which stops criminals from committing a costly crime. The deterrent features make security efforts proactive rather than reactive to the crime, while the high resolution imaging of the system captures critical evidence of the activity or to help identify the suspects. License plates can be identified, even in complete darkness at approximately 250 feet. FlashCAM users across the country are reporting 90-100% reduction in these types of crimes as soon as they implemented their strategic FlashCAM program.


2014 National Recreation & Parks Association Annual Conference

Sep 23, 2014 Comments Off

National Recreation & Parks Association 2014 Annual Congress: Visit Us At BOOTH #806 Q-Star Technology is thrilled to be part of the National Recreation & Parks Association Annual Conference again this year! Nuisance crimes typically occurs after-hours, when parks are … Continue reading

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2013 Graffiti Hurts FlashCAM Grant Winner: Eight Mile Boulevard Association(Detroit, MI)

Dec 23, 2013 Comments Off

Congratulations to Eight Mile Boulevard Association of Detroit, MI! They were the winners of the 2013 FlashCAM Grant from Graffiti Hurts. The Eight Mile Boulevard Association (8MBA) is a nonprofit organization in Michigan, established in 1993, which focuses on revitalizing the “appearance … Continue reading

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CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, PA: “Surveillance Camera Program”

Aug 17, 2013 Comments Off

    The City of Philadelphia spends over ONE MILLION dollars in taxpayer money on cleaning up illegal dumping. In 2009, Philadelphia partnered with Q-Star Technology to launch their FlashCAM program to help stop these criminals and in 2010, 71 violations in … Continue reading

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2012 Graffiti Hurts FlashCAM Grant Winner: Keep Las Cruces Beautiful

Jan 07, 2013 Comments Off

Congratulations to Keep Las Cruces Beautiful of Las Cruces, NM! The City of Las Cruces has been focused on addressing the growing graffiti problem in their city and implemented a comprehensive graffiti reduction program. This program included prompt reporting, quick … Continue reading

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